Pedestrian Safety

We are all pedestrians. Walking is a basic and  common mode of transport in all societies around the world. Virtually every trip begins and ends with walking. Pedestrians are a highly diverse group and the most vulnerable road users. The group includes children, older people, teenagers, joggers, the disabled and mobility impaired, and some may […]

Children need a hand in traffic

Road Traffic Injuries, The Reality and one must agree to it…Don’t wait until you see a problem before you start taking action to protect kids. There are simple things you can do every day to make sure kids are safe and then teach others. Make sure every adult who cares about kids has the information […]

How to help road accident victims

It is very important that victims should get help in first hour  after accident. First hour is very critical for any road accident victim. If   medical help is provided in first hour most of the lives can be saved that is why it is called GOLDEN HOUR. Put on emergency light in your vehicle […]

Story of Driving License

I am sharing this out of my personal experience, in the year 2014 I accompanied a dear friend of mine to Ghazhiabad Tahsil office for issuance of learners driving license. When we reached there suddenly many self claimed service providers approached us and started offering help. Everybody was coating a different price tag for a […]

Pedestrian Safety – as a driver you have responsibility

Pedestrians are not just ‘traffic’ — they are people. They are unpredictable, and the younger they are the faster they are likely to move or change direction. Those with children, the elderly, the blind and the disabled all need your care. As a driver  you have the legal and moral responsibility to take proper care […]

Must Read Safety Tips

Most drivers and bikers don’t realize that they engage in a serious even dangerous activity each day…Driving! Traffic fatalities are a tragic, leading cause of death, especially of young people. Many of us have no choice but to drive everyday, so why not take steps to minimize the risks associated with transportation.  Focus on safety […]

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