Donate for your own Safety.

If you are an safe driver but being a safe drive alone is not enough for you, other drivers also should be safe drivers. In case of an accident most of the time people feel  it was other’s mistake. Blaming each other creates another problem not the solution. To stay safe every one should drive safe. The problem is people think they are safe safe driver but they are not aware that they are not. Now our role starts, we provide free training and run awareness campaigns as people wouldn’t pay for the same. We need money to make our roads safer and faster. so you can stay safe on the road.

Know about your donation

Give generously

  • An Ambulance/Emergency Vehicle
  • Donate Partly for a vehicle
  • Support a victim family
    • Donate for her training
    • Donate for the food and basic need
    • Donate for the education of the children
  • Donate to prevent an accident
    • Training in school
    • Training in college
    • Run an awareness campaign
  • Donate in kind
    • books for education
    • Uniform
    • School bag and stationary
    • Swing machine, computer etc for the self employment/regular earning