Driving licence “THE ALL INDIA PERMIT” is a document which allows the licence holder to drive a vehicle anywhere in the country. In India driving licence are issued by individual state via their “Regional transport Authorities / Office (RTA/RTO).
In India for obtaining a licence to drive motorcycle with an engine capacity of 55cc or less , the minimum age is 16 and one must be 18 or older to drive any other type of vehicle. Licence can be issued for any of these categories like heavy and light vehicles , with or without gear etc.
Application for licence should be made in FORM4 accompanied by an effective learners licence to drive a vehicle, appropriate fees and medical certificate.Then the applicant should appear for a driving test with the motor vehicle inspector.If the applicant fails then he may re-appear for the test after a period of seven days . Then an interview of road signs and a few general question regarding road safety is made. If the applicant passes all this the driving licence will be delivered to him or her by the Indian Postal Service and If he fails he needs to Re- appear for the test.
A person may apply for “Transport Vehicle licence” which is for the vehicle carrying goods of dangerous and hazardous nature which Is valid for 3 years and the holder needs to apply for renewal after this period . The other type of licence a person apply for is a “Non-Transport Vehicle” this licence is for car, scooter and for all the light vehicles , this is valid for 20 years or until the date on which a person attains the age of fifty, whichever is early . The person needs to renew his licence after this period.
“International Driving Permit” which allows a person to drive a vehicle other than India, it is valid for a period of not more than 1 year from the day of issue or till the validity of the driving licence,whichever is early. Indian driving licence is valid in all the countries for first 6 months of stay after 6 months a person needs to apply for a driving licence in whichever country he is except USA,UK,Australia,South Africa, Singapore,New Zealand and all the European countries other than these country a person needs to apply for a driving licence of that country.
A person who is a tourist in India is able to drive, if he has a valid driving licence of his country and an International Driving Permit, A person should have both the documents. IDP’S are valid for 12 months , they are not meant to be a replacement for Indian Driving Licence. If a person is not a tourist but returning to India for resettlement then he should apply for a Driving Licence and get a valid Indian Driving Licence to drive in India.

by Shivangi Dhaka