Why don’t you Spend your free time constructively

  • Get a chance to share your skills and teach others what you are best at
  • Learn how a professional organization functions
  • Achieve personal satisfaction by helping others and by doing your civic duty
  • Develop a new relationship with an organisation and make new friends
  • Keep yourself updated on current issues
  • Learn new things while working as a part of the team
  • Do something different from your routine job without making a serious long-term commitment
  • Gain recognition and self-confidence as you can make a difference by working for a cause
  • Learn skills and strengthen your resume

To know about what you can do or will like to do with the organisation, please fill out the form below; or you can simply send your resume.

Highest degree first PhD, Master, Bachelor etc
Last college attended
Employment details/Current Employer
current/highest position you ever had
English, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, French, German etc.
Writing, graphic designing, event organizing, marketing, negotiation etc
Travel, driving, dancing, singing etc
Weekdays : evenings -5pm -7 pm volunteer from home only Weekends and on holidays - fullday
Please explain why do you want to join Safe Road Foundation