The sessions titled “technical sessions on various aspects of driving and road safety” these sessions could sometimes concentrate on topics like common sense, tips for drivers, to hands-on training for those that already hold licence. The foundation organizes following training regularly.

One day Drivers Training

  • For New Drivers/license holder only
  • 8 hours training 4 hours Theory and 4 Hours Practice sessions
  • Practice sessions are held on trainees own car.

Defensive Driving Training for Female Drivers

  • Special free training is provided to female drivers occasionally
  • Tips & Tricks on controlling a car and how to deal with road rage


for Truck, Bus, Cab/Taxi, Auto, other Light and Heavy goods vehicles and privately hired drivers

Trainers Training Program

Specially designed for driving Instructor and trainers Understanding of your vehicle How to check and maintain your car: Technical aspects like understanding about your Car’s Engine, Tyre, etc

One Hour Sessions on Various topics

  • Short duration session on
  • How to drive on a highway or expressway
  • Driving in hilly area
  • Driving in worst weather conditions like hot, cold, rain, fog, snow or on icy road
  • Road Safety awareness camp in schools through Painting, Magic, Talks and physical games
  • No Underage driving awareness campaigns with children, their parents and schools
  • Awareness amongst Truck Drivers and Helpers through Magic and instant theater sponsored by Apollo Tyres
  • Group discussions and awareness sessions amongst colleges students in Delhi
  • Road Safety awareness activities in Societies (apartments) for children and parents
  • My kid on the road-How to walk on the road with your small children
  • High beam is killer
  • Keep 2 seconds gap
  • Walking is right, driving is privilege (pedestrian safety)
  • Magical Safety – How to use road safely though magic and puppets
  • Drowsy driving is as dangerous as drinking driving
  • Road safety before seat belt and helmet.
  • Cycle is best option for short distances

Group discussion series on various Road Safety topics

A series of group discussion on road safety was held round the year with the involvement the concerned citizen who are attached emotionally with the subject hence create a more sensitive nation. Topics like

Awareness vs Penalty

  • Drivers error vs Road Engineering vs Vehicle
  • CNG vs LPG vs Diesel vs Patrol
  • E-Rickshaws are good?
  • Auto rickshaws should be replaced with Quad Taxi
  • Spots that are dangerous
  • Deaths on the roads are murder or accidents
  • Pollution check is important
  • BRT is need of the city
  • Use of side mirror
  • Honking is a habit or disease

Research work

  1. Data Journalism
    1. Consolidation of Raw data from several sources
    2. Journalistic articles
    3. Visualisation Applets
  2. Research Support
    1. How to create a new college project
    2. Support and mentorship at Safe Road Foundation
  3. Research Fund
    1. List of funding agency in the area of road safety research
    2. How to apply for a fund