Traffic Planning

Black spots is a place/junction, where repeatedly critical accidents happens, and  loose human lives and big economic lose.  Black spots now a major issue in India. We have  hundreds of thousands kilometer roads with hundreds of black spots. We at the Safe Road Foundation help to review and plan the traffic in order to make smoother traffic flow, prevent the accidents.

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Training and Awareness

• Awareness through education and strategic enforcement.
• Innovative road safety program for individuals and communities

• Training, Seminars and Conferences
• Traffic planning on road sharing concept in present and future scenario.
• Develop and produce/publish road safety educational material to suit road users
• Research projects and programs, designed to discover the causes of traffic crashes.
• Victim supports – provide support to the victim and his family in the form of advice,
counselling for getting justice, insurance money and employment.

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Victim Support

launching in June 2019

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Since 1993

It is Important

Road safety is an issue that affects everyone in India. We all need to use the roads to get around – to school, to work, to the doctor, to the shops, to the cinema. Most of us use the roads every day, as drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians, and for many people driving is the main part of their job. It is essential therefore, to ensure that, as far as possible, we can all use the roads safely.
The human and economic damage caused by road crashes is largely preventable. Lack of knowledge and awareness regarding road traffic rules and regulations, violation of traffic rules, flaws in road design and engineering, along with driver behaviour, can be overcome with concerted effort.
As the road user error is believed to be a factor about 82.4%* of all road accidents, improving road user behavior should
always be priority. With the view to educate and influence the general public, road safety awareness campaigns are needed.


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