Why Road Safety


India is a global leader of deaths in road accidents!

  • 1 Road accident every minute
  • 1 Death in less than 4 minutes
  • 150,785 People die every year
  • Every year around 4.80 Lakh road accidents
  • Around 5 lakh persons get injured, many of them become disabled for rest of their lives
  • Unless more comprehensive action is taken, the number of deaths and injuries shall rise significantly
  • Economic, social and health losses- beyond repair

Road safety is an issue that affects everyone in India.

This is definitely news that breaks many homes each day. India’s unenviable record of being the global leader in road fatalities, according to Ministry of Road Transport & Highways during the year 2016, there were around 480,652 road accidents, which killed 150,785 people and injured more than 494624 persons, many of whom are disabled for rest of their lives. These numbers translate into one road accident every minute, and one road accident death in less than four minutes. Sadly, many of these victims are young people, those who are economically active.  The human and economic damage caused by road crashes is largely preventable. Lack of knowledge and awareness regarding road traffic rules and regulations, violation of traffic rules, flaws in road design and engineering, along with driver behaviour, can be overcome with concerted effort.

As the road user‘s error is believed to be a factor about 82.4%* of all road accidents, improving road user behavior should always be priority. With the ability to educate and influence the general public, road safety awareness campaigns are needed..

The organisation’s road safety programs are conducted with the objective of educating and influencing road users about basic road safety, behavior, norms, rules and regulations.

We know that things can change and we believe that the significant majority of road users will find relief with proper traffic management, positive messages and appropriate encouragement. Our endeavour is to provide training, improve driving skills, bring matters to general public and help people to fight for their rights so that they don’t just miss their flights and trains but also their lives that are wasted mostly on the roads.

We do not underestimate the difficulty of the task, especially in big cities with heavy traffic. But with the help of common man and authorities and concerned persons should achieve this as we are committed to doing just that.

Data Source : Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

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