Pedestrian Safety – as a driver you have responsibility

  • Pedestrians are not just ‘traffic’ — they are people. They are unpredictable, and the younger they are the faster they are likely to move or change direction. Those with children, the elderly, the blind and the disabled all need your care.
  • As a driver  you have the legal and moral responsibility to take proper care to avoid accidents with pedestrians at all times and places — even if the pedestrian is jaywalking. Always try to give way to a pedestrian on the roadway.
  • Please drive carefully and slowly when pedestrians are about particularly in crowded streets, or when you see a bus stop, or near a stall. Look out for pedestrians entering the road suddenly, for example from behind parked or stopped vehicles.
  • When entering or emerging from a place facing the road, wherever possible use proper driveways and try to avoid reversing. Always give way to pedestrians.
  • As a driver you always should obey all speed and road rules and to pay particular care around restricted speed zones, and to be vigilant with pedestrians.

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