How to escape from burning car

Many car blaze deaths are happening in the country, particularly in recent years.  Do not think that your car will not catch fire because it is new or you do not have CNG fitted in your car. Car fire does not take place because of CNG, LPG or if car is too old, it generally happens due to heat, leakage, short circuit in electronic system.

Be prepared to fight the fire: Get your car regularly checked from an authorised or trusted garage. Keep an emergency kit particularly during long journeys: fire extinguisher, first aid, drinking water, a torch, tow rope, spare tyre, mobile phone etc. a knife (to cut the seatbelt in case the seat belt is stuck) and a small hammer or some other small tool such as a spanner or wheel nut brace can be used to smash the windows of a car in case of a fire. Always keep them within the reach.

Try a fire drill off road:

What would you do in case of fire?

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