Things you should not do when driving in the rain

During heavy rain driving can be a risky, scary thing, and harder in the night time. It is difficult to see, and other car’s high beam lights make it worse, causing near  blindness: Some people may feel nervous. When you start your journey in the rain, before starting your vehicle make sure that your shoes sole are clean and dry as they are likely to slip off the pedals. Use all main control –steering, clutch, brake and accelerator gently. Check headlights, tail lights, brake lights and indicators are working properly.

The ground rule is if you cannot see, don’t drive. Bikers please do not ride unless it is an emergency. In case you have to ride, go slow, keep your bike in vertical position, do not over take, avoid changing lane and turning, use both breaks smoothly, use proper clean glass helmet.

Watch out for Cycle, Motorcycles or even other dark-colour cars that can be camouflaged amongst glistening raindrops on side windows and mirrors.

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