How to help road accident victims

It is very important that victims should get help in first hour  after accident. First hour is very critical for any road accident victim. If   medical help is provided in first hour most of the lives can be saved that is why it is called GOLDEN HOUR.

  1. Put on emergency light in your vehicle and stop on a safe place. This will alert other drivers.
  2. Call the police and/or Ambulance
  3. Do not touch, turn the victims if you are not trained in first aid.
  4. Blood loss is bad; stop any bleeding as soon as possible but keep the wounds sanitary as much as possible. if sterile dressings are not immediately available, use clean cloths but sanitary napkins would be best option.
  5. If you think that the victim needs Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) but you don’t know how to give, call the ambulance or someone who has the knowledge, they will assist you over the phone.
  6. Do not give accident victims anything to eat or drink including water.
  7. Give the victim assurance that help is on the way.
  8. Do not try to put them in auto or car to take them to hospital this may damage more.
  9. Talk to them, calm them down,
  10. Keep talking do not let them sleep.
  11. In case there is no sign of help (Ambulance or Police) or taking too long and you think that these victims need immediate help, you can carry them in a taxi, car even auto if nothing is available but remember following points
    1. Do not bend the patient
    2. Do not make them sit or walk
    3. when transferring into car/taxi make sure head and back are fully supported.
    4. do not let any part of the body hang in the air.
    5. do the same thing when carrying them our from vehicle.

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