Road Safety with Users

Customized Awareness Campaigns

Group Discussions

Training – Biker, Car & Truck Drivers


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Research and Development

  • New ideas on how to keep road user safe
  • Use of existing infrastructure, mode of transport and accessories
  • Human behaviour and its consequences in distinguish situations

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Victim Support

Easy access of emergency medical facilities. Follow up assistance to victims.

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Road Safety is an issue that affects everyone

Road Safety which unfortunately has long been ignored both by the governments and the community at large. Can we imagine that roads which take societies and nations forward, are one of the major factors causing deaths and life-long disabilities? More shocking is the fact that most victims are amongst the youth and growing ones. The silver lining however is that these deaths and miseries are almost totally preventable. Your support will give it a much needed quantum leap and engage attention of not only of a sizeable youth brigade, but also through them of the larger community. Join us NOW as a volunteer/concerned citizen.


Next Steps…

Safe Road is your Right, demand it.

Safe Road is your Duty, perform it.

Safe Road is possible, believe in it.

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